Kirks Story

I was born April 13, 1970 in Wisconsin and has a wife and three young children, Anikan age 11, Zander age 6 and Mattea age 4. I also have 2 adult boys Keith and Kyle. I was a passenger in a Dodge Neon automobile and was driving eastbound when the driver my Nephew put on his left turn signal.  On March 3rd, 2017, this changed my life forever. I was the front passenger of my nephews vehicle waiting to make a left hand turn when a truck slammed into the back of the car. The pickup truck that hit us came down the hill at 55 MPH and the driver bent over to pick up his fallen sunglasses and ran into this small Neon car we were in. I suffered  many breaks in my neck, back and my brain stem was dislodged. The Dr’s reattached it but no avail it was too far broken. Eventually my bone breaks healed but I never regained my physical motion again. I am stuck in this motionless body.

I was flown to Denver Colorado to see a specialist, I spent several weeks and was sent home with a not so good prognosis.

I use to be a hard working man trying to raise my kids, so I had my Construction Business, my Auto Repair Business and my Snow Plowing business until I was injured so badly that I ended in a hospital holding onto life just to end up in this wheelchair.

I’m in a nursing home on disability and the nursing home takes all the money each month except $40.00, yes they feed me and take care of me but I am in this chair or bed 24/7/365 days and bored, I want to explore. I never go anywhere, I just sit here day after day. I would like to raise some money and get a van with a lift, so I can be taken to places like the Mall where I can see other people and maybe buy a new pair of pants for myself.