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Terrible Accident

Dodge Neon

Kirk was in the passenger seat, and he never knew what hit him. 

Everyone thought he would not make it, but he’s a fighter.

After many surgeries the Doctors put him back together.

It was a horrible accident, now Kirk is bound to a wheelchair and can not move or speak. He can move his head from left to right to steer his chair.


Kirk & his 3 kids

To the right is Kirk and his youngest kids. Kirk can’t move his hands, so he can’T even hug is children. The only part of his body that can move is his head, he uses that motion to steer his wheelchair. 

Make Yourself Proud

Help out one that is unfortunate than you.

Look at those kids who's Dad can't touch, play or even speak to them.

Kirks only way to connect to the outside world is through a Toby

A Toby device is a unit that Kirk can spell out words with his eye.

Go ahead and donate as little as Five Dollars and "Make Yourself Proud"




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Award Win

Dear Sir, I am so happy that I can help your cause. Tell Kirk there is hope that he could get better. Sincerely Janis
Janis Hemingway
I hope Kirk gets better and can have a normal life, he is still so young and all those children. I will Pray for him.
Carol Lundy